Visa fullständig version : KMP ultimate

2006-05-26, 12:10
Funderar på att köpa kmp:s ultimate, är det någon som har testat den?

Vore kul att få lite omdömme på den

2006-05-26, 17:41
Hittade detta där det skrivs lite om Ultimaten

The new Ultimate 10 Dash 300 S AA is developed on a scale 1:4. From absolute precision aerobatics up to spectacular Freestyle Showeinlagen the Ultimate controls the full spectrum of the modern Aerobatics. The Ultimate is provided completely in solid wood building method, whereby only select woods are used, in order to ensure an optimal synthesis from weight and stability. Regarding the engine choice already an OS 91 FX is more than sufficient, in order to fly the full 3-D program. We fly one of our test models with a Saito 180 Viertakter with 30 ccm. Even with this "Dampfhammer" motorizing the Ultimate brings only 3780 gram owing to its consistent lightweight construction way unbetankt on the balance. The finish is a class for itself. Only best handle foil is used from the house of ORACOVER. Altogether six different colors are processed. It is the foil finish most complex with distance, which gave it ever with a ARF to this size. More than 70 precisely cut foil segments are needed, in order to iron only one model. The eurolight typical CNC decoration set from the foil plotter is applied with the Ultimate already finished and rounds the perfect equipment off. The Dash 300 S AA unites compact dimensions, professional Design and perfect flight performances, which are so outstanding, as one expects them from a correct Ultimatecolor

Hoppas det var till någon nytta :D