Visa fullständig version : Tyngdpunkt på Spitfire Kyosho 40 ARF

2007-01-04, 12:48
Hej !
Är det någon som har en monteringsbeskrivelse på denna modell.
Jag vill veta tyngdpunkt cm-angivelse in på vingen från framkanten.

Är det någon som kanske har kvar original-beskrivningen.


2007-01-04, 13:35
Snott ifrån en post på RC Groups:
-"I maiden my Kyosho Spitfire today, and all went well. I did set the CG to 90mm as per instruction, but I did had to add a lot of down trim to it, in order to fly it level. It was not squirley at all, and I did happen to slow it down quite a bit , before it stalled. I will try to move the CG a bit forward next time. Most of my flying was done at or below 1/2 throttle, with the AXI 4120 motor in it. Overall I am pleased with todays performance, and look forward in getting her back up in the air again."


2007-01-06, 22:16
Bra, tack för informationen.