Visa fullständig version : Kyosho Illusion Jet

2007-03-15, 06:19
Denna har varit uppe tidigare men jag kunde inte hitta den! Finns den i Sverige eller har den inte kommit ännu?

Kyosho Illusion Jet en fräck liten elkärra som ska ha mycket bättre prestanda än de gamla fläktkärrorna. Pris 250 dollar i USA.

Kyosho announces a new high-performance brushless powered ducted-fan jet. The new Illusion DF45 features solid construction with a fiberglass fuselage and durable balsa wings. The main wing features blended winglets for greater efficiency and performance. The DF45 comes with the brushless motor and fan unit, so all you need to do is provide radio gear, electronic speed control and batteries. The sleek delta-wing jet features a tail-mounted ducted fan that cranks out up to 50,000 rpm for stunning speed and agility from a plane of its size. The DF45 is already very fast, but extreme performance enthusiasts can even change the included brushless motor for something more powerful for ultimate flight performance.

As an ARF the DF45 comes out of the box with most major assembly completed, including installation of the ducted fan, brushless motor and linkage - basic assembly is all that's needed to get flying.



2007-03-15, 07:08
Joddå, den finns! Verkligen snygg modell!!