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2008-10-30, 17:13
I don't speak any Swedish, except "jag tycker om det, snognosc!" but I have been to Sweden a few times, and I do love the place, so be nice to me!

I don't want to spam your forum, but I want you to know about my new website, easytigermodels.com and I hope you can take a look and find something you like. I have some very unique models, including the SR-71 EDF, and I'm not just some random seller, but a serious modeller, and I stand behind everything I sell.
I have not worked out a shipping cost to Sweden, but I think costs will be very reasonable.

All the best

2008-10-30, 21:45
Thank you for letting us now of your website and your unique models, but where on earth can i find the Swedish SAAB AJ37 Viggen as an EDF or electric pusher? Maybe something to develop as your next project? ;) I for sure would buy one! :D

2008-10-31, 07:24
Hello Easytiger

If you would like to read our forum in english you could use this adress. It it google translate that is helping you :)


2008-11-01, 14:34
Thank you, Sigund, the English link makes things much easier! At least for ME, if not for all the rest of the forum readers who only speak Swedish!
As far as a Viggen goes, I do not know of anybody who plans to make one...including me. It's a neat airplane, but there are not enough fans of this plane. As you probably know, there is a JAS-39 EDF RTF(marketed by Starmax), and a slightly larger JAS-39 ARF(from Sapac), but no -37; the -39 has not been a great seller. I know the company that actually makes the -39, they are very anxious to sell them, but there is not a big market for them. They said it sells pretty well in Sweden only!
I know a lot of people will just tell you what you want to hear: "sure, we'll make a Viggen, if that's what you want!", but I won't do that. I don't think a Viggen will be popular enough to pay for the tooling and marketing costs, so it's definitely not on my list of projects to develop!
It's not that I don't like the airplane, I do! As a matter of fact, I used to fly one, with a K&B45 and Turbax fan, from the old Ziroli plan. That is a good plan, and if you don't mind building, it would be a great model updated to electric power.
I'm a Swedish aircraft fan...I have had a J-21 pusher from a rare old Swedish kit, and am working(slowly!) on a Saab Lansen for turbine power.