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2009-04-06, 08:02
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HP-50 http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/images/5stars.gif
Turnigy HP50 50cc Gas Engine 5.5HP

Earmarked in China as the DL50-Killer. The Turnigy HP-50 has shamelessly borrowed porting and head design from the DL and combined it with a CNC machined billet alloy crank-case to produce a powerful, lightweight and reliable engine.

HP-50 Spec.
CDI Electronic Ignition with auto advance
Walbro Carburettor
Performance: 5.5hp
RPM: 1200-10000rpm
Idle: 1200rpm
Thrust: 13.6kg @ 100mtr / 11.5kg @ 1800mtr (Above sea level)
Suggested prop: 20x8-10 ~ 22x8-10 or more!
Spark Plug: CM-6
Bore/Stroke: 43 x 35mm
Compression: 7.5:1
Weight: 1380g
Fuel: 2 Stroke oil/fuel mix (30:1 - 45:1)
Walbro membrane pump carburetor with manual choke!
Automatic advancing electronic ignition!

For more power, use unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 98.


Per P
2009-04-08, 08:02
Du menar nya DA-killern va? Nu kan vi väl börja snacka kopia av DA-50....

2009-04-08, 08:27
No body kills DA king!!

2009-04-08, 08:39
DA is real Power, Da is the best fuck the rest. /Mulder

2009-04-08, 08:39
No body kills DA king!!


2009-04-08, 08:40
DA is real Power, Da is the best fuck the rest. /Mulder