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2013-02-07, 15:22
Hej guys

First of all, in an Englishman in göteborg. I can speak and understand svenska but cannot type swedish.

I have built my first quad with parts from the dreaded hobbyking and I am sure I will be upgrading those parts when I am able too

i started out with a cheap hobbyking frame (sk450) but it was so flexible, breakable, and heavy, that I built my own. Much lighter frame 150g and perfect size for the back of a backpack 375mm. Whole thing with 4s 2650 battery and fpv gear is 998g. I can bring this weight down with upgraded motors etc.

36634 36633 36635

Anyone from the Gothenburg area here?

2013-02-07, 18:31
Byggde du den nya ramen av plywood?
Ser mycket bra ut, posta gärna en film från en flygning sen!

Välkommen till RCflyg.

2013-02-07, 21:01
Yes made in plywood then painted with 2 component paint. I also made a mahogany plywood frame.

Mill take some videos soon! Just broke my arm at work :( can just hold onto the controller. There is a boring video flying round our workshop. Very boring but shows how stable it is (filmed with iPhone 4S hard mounted)


2013-02-07, 21:10
Remember seeing this a while back at rcgroups. Very nice frame.

2013-02-08, 08:24
Ser väldigt stabil ut!

Kenneth E
2013-02-08, 08:56
I like the legs on the last photo, are those also of wood?

I also like the workshop, can imagine how much fun I could have there.
Balsa regn

2013-02-08, 12:03
Legs are made out of 2mm plastic Kant list. It's perfect as its strong but flexes a little, and I can make it as long as I want.

2013-02-08, 19:33
I like the legs on the last photo, are those also of wood?

I also like the workshop, can imagine how much fun I could have there.
Balsa regn

That's not space enough for You, Kenneth!
It takes a lot of courage to fly indoors like that...

2013-02-08, 19:46
Thanks Thomas :)

Im looking forward to getting some more interesting videos up, now the weather is changing. Expect some nice crash's as i made this thing to learn acrobatics

2013-03-01, 12:27
Just updated the frame, its now 310mm diagonal for 8 inch blades. 147g and much much stronger :)


2013-03-01, 12:37
du har missat ett h i youtubeadressen , man ser bara filmen om man skriver dit ett h i början.

Ser riktigt bra ut ! när börjar du sälja dom :)

2013-03-01, 13:08
Thanks for that! Bad copy and pasting :)

I can sell immediatly im a snickerer so make them at work

2013-03-01, 14:42
och priset blir?

2013-03-01, 18:20
500kr including shipping

2013-03-01, 19:45
Tack för infon. inte läge för mig att köpa just nu men intressant att veta