Visa fullständig version : Sport hexa, till sony Nex, coming soon goteborg

2013-06-02, 22:53
Hi Guys,

im working on a wooden hex now, my quad frame (ecks frame) is selling successfully, but im wanting something to hang a 2 axis brushless gimbal and sony Nex size camera.

Ive come up with a 450mm Hex, using 8 inch props and 1100 T motors, this will be a fast acrobatic hex.

From all the reviews about the quad frame I make, using wood dampens the vibrations so much, that a go pro can be hard mounted without seeing vibrations in the video.

I will receive the motors this week along with Simonk 12a esc's, So hopefully it will be up in the air next week.

sorry about the english, but im english :D I can read Swedish though.

A 4000mah battery with gimbal and camera, should get 15 mins hovertime, taking off at 50% throttle.

without gimbal and camera, it should lift off at 32%, lots of room for flips and loops :D