Visa fullständig version : 2st HardCase / Väska Passandes 1400mah 3s LiPo Batterier

2016-07-27, 18:49


Har 2st HardCase / Väskor passandes 6st 1400mah 3s LiPo Batterier
I fint skick, endast använda ett fåtal gånger.

This hard shell carrying case is purpose built for transporting your models 1400mah 3s battery packs.
Finished in high gloss black plastic and with a double zip, the Multistar battery case is a convenient way to carry your packs and with foam cutouts each battery is held securely in its own compartment.
With the capacity to carry up to six 1400mAh 3S battery packs this carry case also has an internal pocket whhere you can store some adapters, leads and even a voltage/cell checker.
Dimensions: 230 x 150 x 65mm
Colour: Gloss Black
Capacity: 6 x 1400mAh 3S batteries (Not Included)

Pris: 100:-/st

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