Visa fullständig version : Plans for re-using running gear from an ultra micro 4-site?

Mr Bean
2016-08-24, 17:20
Hope you can forgive me for posting in English..!

I have the remains of a crashed ultra micro 4-site (motor, receiver/ESC board, servos, pushrods, etc) and I want to reuse them in something. Does anyone know of a site which has downloadable plans I could use? Ideally I'm looking for something of a slow flyer so I can use it in my back garden. Alternatively, instead of plans, do people sell airframe kits which allow reuse of this micro size running gear?

Thats probably too specific of a question, but just thought I'd ask. Tack så mycket!

2016-08-24, 18:05
Kanske en sån: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__107500__Aeromax_Micro_Indoor_Balsa_Airplane_400m m_Kit_w_Motor.html

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2016-08-25, 15:35
You can build something from Stevens Aero perhaps. I've built this one,
http://www.mft.nu/?ProdID=355079. I used some heavier gear. It should however work with your stuff.

Mr Bean
2016-08-27, 07:47
Thanks guys, some interesting models there. A bit more advanced than a depron build :)