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Ämne: RC heli club and shop in Stockholm?

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    Standard RC heli club and shop in Stockholm?

    Can anyone recommend me RC heli club in Stockholm? I am English speaking, so I couldn't find any info about RC heli club on net. I wish to join heli club here in Stockholm. I am living in S:t Eriksplan.

    Does anyone know more good RC heli shops in Stockholm too? I have been to the Roffes Modellflyg and Wentels. The Roffes Modellflyg is a very nice shop. I just want to know if there are anymore shops other than these two.

    Thank you!

    Kah Wai

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    Hi and welcome to this forum!
    You will find a huge Swedish helicopter forum on this adress:
    Another site about pilots in the Stockholm area:
    There are a few clubs in and around Stockholm.
    Senast redigerat av Ekis den 2008-10-17 klockan 14:26.

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    Anyone know where I can get the Walkera 38# Chinook in Stockholm?

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    Citat Ursprungligen postat av linkahwai Visa inlägg
    Anyone know where I can get the Walkera 38# Chinook in Stockholm?
    In Your local postoffice, if You first order it here:

    Edit, forgot the shop-question:
    Senast redigerat av jocke1963 den 2008-10-17 klockan 15:03.
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    I do not know if it is close enough for you, but Wermdö Modellhelikopterklubb is a heli only club.

    Web site:
    Map link:;59.306500


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