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Ämne: Sky Drone FPV + Oculus VR demoed by Sky Drone Team

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    Standard Sky Drone FPV + Oculus VR demoed by Sky Drone Team

    The Sky Drone team has demoed their Sky Drone FPV system with the Oculus VR set. Therefore, the FPV video of a drone/UAV flying in mid air can be distorted in real-time and shown inside an Oculus VR headset. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of our development process for the Oculus VR - many more features to come (e.g. 3D, Headtracking).

    Watch the Sky Drone FPV + Oculus VR video here:

    P.S.: If we don't reach our funding goal we will still go ahead with Sky Drone FPV. While sticking to our timeline of shipping the Sky Drone FPV sets in December 2013, we will only have a groundstation app for Android at start. Other platforms will be supported later (free of charge). The only way to secure the Early Bird price ($349) of a Sky Drone FPV set, is to purchase the Early Bird perk before this Indiegogo campaign expires. If the funding goal is not reached, Early Bird funders will get discount information to order from our website later. We are 100% committed to our technology and we will prevail.

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    There is a little more than 1 day left in our campaign and we would like point out again that we are 100% committed to our technology.

    With only 1 day left in our campaign, there is also only 1 day left to secure the Early Bird price for a Sky Drone FPV set.

    Sky Drone FPV campaign:

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    "Fixed FundingThis campaign will only receive funds if at least $80,000 is raised by its deadline."

    Seems like you wont get any money if you dont get to 80k in 1day or am I wrong?

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    Hi neu, we didn't make our Funding Goal, but we will nevertheless develop the Sky Drone FPV within the timeline we had set out. Go to to pre-order the Sky Drone FPV today!

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    We have just launched our new website and want to give you some updates on Sky Drone FPV:

    - Better camera an optics
    - Oculus Rift support incl. headtracking
    - Groundstation support Android and Windows 7/8
    - Faster Camera to CPU interface to further decrease latency
    - Case

    Sky Drone FPV is available for pre-order now.
    You can check out our new website here:

    More videos to come soon.

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    Hey all, check it out, we've posted anew demo video on YouTube. It shows off the Sky Drone FPV beingcontrolled via head-tracking using the Oculus VR/Rift: Let us know what you think!

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