Well I cant stop myself. One of my favorite parts of this hobby is designing machines and building.

I have been given a task to design and build a longer range FPV quad with 20+ mins battery life. Everything has gone very smoothly and hopefully very soon this machine will end up on a new online store I have in the works at the moment.

Frame is a complete custom made composite made from 3k CF and a special lightweight core. 3.5mm thick, completely rigid and VERY strong.

Im using the well tested DJI E300 propulsion kit. This is the first time ive used self tightening props and I must say they amaze me! literally just drop them on.

Kit used in this build

440mm CF frame with Aluminium screws
Naza V2 with GPS
Naza wireless link for ipad groundstation
Mini iOSD
DJI E300 Propulsion System
600mhz VTX (still waiting on)
Skyzone FPV goggles tith cloverleaf and spiral antennae.
3s 5000 battery, will also test with 7000
Front mounted 2 axis GoPro gimbal (still working on)
3D printed legs