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    3 juli kl. 10:33 ·

    *UPDATE* Just to let you know that the sad news that the ASP factory has in fact closed and will not be reopening. This is a sad day for the Hobby in general. We are able continue to buy spares as long as their stocks last and will honour existing warranties as far as possible. As to the future, we will continue to give the great service you have come to expect supplying OS and NGH engines, in addition, we are now stocking Saitos again whilst exploring options for smaller 2 stoke glow engines. Most of you knew that the factory also produced SC, PH, RCV, Magnum and Evolution as well Kyosho engines, these too will be affected.
    Senast redigerat av jtstaffan den 2019-07-05 klockan 23:30.

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