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Ämne: Dragonlink V2 433MHz UHF long-range RC system

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    Standard Dragonlink V2 433MHz UHF long-range RC system

    Säljer Dragonlink V2 inkl antenn, funkar perfekt.
    Det absolut bästa Long Range systemet med längsta och bästa räckvidden.

    Mer info:
    The Dragon Link UHF provides Flawless R/C control anywhere, any distance, any time for copters, planes, cars and robots. Imagine flying FPV without ever having to worry about failsafes, glitches, interference in the city, or from surrounding objects. The Dragon Link system just works, no hassles, no extra steps needed, just turn it on and fly. Even though the Dragon Link system will typically have a range of 40 KM with stock antennas, you do not need to be a long range flyer to get the best benefits of this system.

    The best ultra long rage FPV, high performance, Long Range Radio Control System or use anywhere where you need a high performance signal. Tired of glitches and other issues? Not anymore.

    Also perfect for short range control in noisy (urban) 2.4GHz environments where you are likely to be flooded by 2.4GHz noise.

    * UHF high performance RC system
    * Flawless copter control and incredibly resistant to interference
    * Comes with new advanced technology micro receivers
    * Frequency: 433MHz
    * Cables compatible with Spektrum, JR, Turnigy, Tarantis, Hitec radio systems

    Note: The connection cable is for Spectrum, Jr , and all RC transmitters with a mini phono plug connector. The antenna is 15cm

    This is the Dragon Link V2 UHF 433MHz High Performance RC system with Next Generation Technology. Professional grade RC control. Copters and Planes alike, up to 12 channels, and provides PWM, SBUS and/or CPPM output for flight controllers such as APM, Pixhawk, Naza, etc.

    This system has different type of connectors that can be used: (default is the second option)
    - Futaba Square Trainer Port,
    - JR style radios, such as FrSky Taranis X9D/X9D+, Turnigy 9X/9XR, All RC TX with older style removable RF module with PPM output,
    - Spektrum, JR, Hitec, and other radios with 3.5mm trainer port output. Any radio where you can access PPM output should work fine.
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