Visa fullständig version : The Pitchbrothers Smackdown 2012 - 3-6 May

2012-04-09, 15:22
Dear Pitchbrothers and friends.

May 3 is getting closer and here are some news for you all:

The registrations are ticking in and this year we have a great variety of pilots from around the world :)

We have sold quite a few VIP tickets with accommodation included - this is the perfect way to enjoy the event it is very comfortable if you don't have a camper. VIP tickets are limited!.

This year you get your raffle ticket with your starting fee.We have raffle items from:
HEAD-RC, Hyperion, ElyQ, Beam, Gryphon, Spin Blades, Torsion Blades, Compass, Freakware, Rotor Magazine and more.

The Pilots also get a chance to join the building competition – 2 teams of 2 pilots get to build a fully equipted 90 sized heli – the first team the to fly the heli inverted gets both kits.

We also have a team competition. A team of 3 pilots and 1 fixbrother compete in 4 different contests:

Chop the flag: 2 pilots must chop 2 flags inverted and land. Fastest pilot is the winner.

Relay Race: First pilot takes of, do a flip and land – Fixbrother removes the blades and mount them on the next heli, pilot takes of.... and so on, the first team to finish is the winner. (It is ok to use the same heli)

Please the crowd competition. One pilot from each team show how to spank a heli. 2 teams fight and the crowd decides which team to send to next round.

Limbo – Fly inverted under a line – The lowest team is the winner. There must be at least 1 rotorblade on the heli that is 600mm or bigger.
Brønderslev MFK will setup the extended version of the SMACKbar with burgers, sausages, ice cream, slush-ice, beer, soft drinks, meatballs, blue, and green Locktite + more.

We will have booths from HEAD-RC, Hobbyfly, Rapicon, Hyperion, ElyQ, Beam.

Fuel station with 40 gallons of free Rapicon fuel. Sponsored by Hobbyfly and Rapicon.

Hyperion charging café where you can see the latest chargers and goodies from Hyperion, try a Hyperion Li-po and have your packs charged.

HEAD-RC will display and demo the latest products from ElyQ and Hyperion.

Freakware will demo the latest products from Beast X and Shape Helicopters.

Our big party tent will be divided after dinner, with extra heat in one end and Indoor Smack Zone in the other half - So remember your mCPx

400 Watts floodlights at the 2 centre flight stations from 20:30PM to ?

Night-flying demo's without floodlights.

Registration will close 1/5-2012

Sign up @ http://www.headrc.com/tickets