Ny beta version av phoenix.


1.05.a (beta) Update

We are pleased to announce that the beta version of the 1.05.a update is now available from the downloads section. This update includes some new features, and fixes some issues reported with the previous update:

- New water system, featuring:

- 3D, Realtime-rendered realistic moving water
- Realtime reflections of models
- Realtime ripples from water interaction
- Improved water interaction physics and floatplane steering

- Streamlined multiplayer code for faster, more stable connections and less lag
- Camera panning improved when simulation is paused
- Favourites issue fixed
- Several sceneries retouched and sharpened


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Please note: You must have at least version 1.04.i in order to download this update.

Please navigate to our downloads section for more information.


New Sceneries

To complement the new 1.05 update, we are releasing two new water sceneries:

Photographic panoramic scenery 
Photographic panoramic scenery 


New Models

To complement the new 1.05 update and sceneries, we are releasing five new watercraft:

 Beriev BE-103 
Scale electric twin-motor float-plane 
 Lake LA-4 
Scale IC float-plane 
 Sea Ranger 
Scale IC amphibious helicopter 
 Knight 3D (float)
Performance IC amphibious helicopter 
 TRex 450 (float)
Performance electric amphibious helicopter