Easter Special Offer details:1. There are 101 Easter eggs in different colors: 1 golden egg, 5 blue eggs, 10 red eggs, 15 purple eggs, 20 green eggs and 50 pink eggs.101 Easter eggs from April 18th-21th
2. Eggs in different colors mean different discounts. Golden egg equals €50; blue egg equals €25; red egg equals €20; purple egg equals €15; green egg equals €10; pink egg equals €5. For example: if you find the golden egg, €50 off will be offered to you in total payment.
3. 101 cupon codes are hiden in description of 101 products for you to find. There is only one chance to find golden egg for all customers. Only when cupon code is input during payment, can you be able to know what egg the cupon equals.
Get your Eggs :www.gensace.de
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