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    I am new to RC planes, having been lured in by an Eachine mini warbird P51, the first time I have ever been able to fly an RC plane thanks to its gyro stabilization. I crashed this plane many times but it always flew again, I thought I had learned some skills and was ready for something bigger. The Dynam STOL Bigfoot was what I ended up with, mostly due to the low cost and inevitable destruction. I tested it and it flew great, however I was worried about flying and got confused by my controller setup a few times. On the fifth battery pack, I lost orientation and "pulled myself up" while upside down, sending it full speed into a puff of foam on the ground. It was pretty spectacular, I thought the plane was done. I somehow got all the pieces and glued it back together, ran a few packs through it today and it flies great. It looks pretty awful though. Am I feeling terrible? Someone please tell me you've been here and you can fly safely now. I know I should learn on a sim but I want to play with my plane! Is there anyone in this hobby who has never crashed a plane?

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    Kraschar aldrig - alltid marken som hoppar upp, väggar, stolpar, träd mm. som flyttar sej etc...

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